Monday, January 26, 2009

My dad sent me to Mrs. Pritchard in South Slocan for music lessons. She drank in the beer parlour and likely told dad that I should be taking piano. After the first lesson she said that I should try elocution lessons. I didn't know what she meant so I kept going to the weekly lessons. My dad never mentioned anything about my going to the lessons so one day I decided I wouldn't go, and if my father mentioned me not being at Mrs. Pritchard's, I would tell him I forgot to go but I wouldn't miss the next one. He didn't say anything about me not going so I never went again. I used to go with Effie and Margaret when they went to their piano lessons, but just for the walk. Margaret started taking violin lessons. There's nothing much worse than having someone in the house learning to play the violin. There's nothing that sounds quite as beautiful as violin music.

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