Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A secretary in an office in San Fransisco that did business with the Mac and Blo mill in Ocean Falls got tired of hearing about the great time salesmen had when they made trips to Ocean Falls. She would listened with obvious interest to the endless stories about the beautiful country and the wonderful people. Knowing she would enjoy going to Ocean Falls, the men treated her to a trip to see the mill and the town. In those days people would have to take a boat that first went to Alaska then came back down the B.C. coast visiting the company mills. She was really impressed by the town and took a number of pictures. She wanted to add a few pictures to the collection on the San Fransisco office's wall that was covered with photos of the places the staff visited. She went through her collection and selected a photo she had taken of a cabin that sat on a picturesque point along the shoreline about a mile out of the town. The cabin was the town brothel.

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