Sunday, December 13, 2009

After the War, I visited Dad on Skye. He had been there for a few months and I was on leave from my outfit that was stationed in Holland and waiting to be shipped back to Canada. I took a bit of a chance leaving them as any day we could have been sent home. I got back to Holland before they left. We returned on the Queen Mary, or maybe the Queen Elizabeth. I can't remember. I know I've travelled on both boats. Once going over to Europe and the other returning to Canada. My dad was stuck in Europe. He had to wait until the troops all got home before he could sail home himself. While I was with Dad on Skye, a friend of his and I, along with Dad, visited Dunvegan Castle and the McCrimmon Cairn. While we stood by the cairn, a McCrimmon stepped from the house on the hillside and began piping. The McCrimmons are legendary pipers.

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