Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We used to catch the street car up to the top of Lonsdale Avenue then walk up to the top of Grouse Mountain. We'd be about twelve. On the way up the mountain we'd meet people carrying parts of a stove. You could take an iron stove apart. They would be carrying the parts up to a cabin on the mountain. On our way home we'd walk down Lonsdale to the ferry instead of taking the street car. We'd save the five cent fare. My brother Ken and Irene drove up to the top of Grouse Mountain with a friend George Luft. He was a chicken farmer from Morgan Hill in California. The road was pretty rough. In those days, if you rented a car, you had to agree not to drive it up the mountain. One time when we hiked up, there was a group of four Land Rovers at the top. When George drove up you could get a bumper sticker that said you had driven up the mountain. The sign was attached to the bumper with wire. He forgot to pick one up and was really disappointed. I told him I would get him one. I hiked up the mountain and got the sticker. George was leaving town the same day I hiked up, so I made arrangements with him to leave the sign hanging from the railing at the north end of First Narrows Bridge. He picked it up when he left town.

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